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RTD Talos


TALOS Development Organisation is a private initiative that was established in September 2000 and was introduced as a limited company under the name RTD Talos Ltd.

TALOS was created during a period where the global economic environment was transforming into a new economy and Cyprus enterprises, especially small and medium were facing important competitiveness problems. T

hrough a dynamic team of young scientists TALOS provides a comprehensive package of services addressing the needs of modern Cyprus enterprises especially on matters like innovation and technology. TALOS identified at an early stage the need for creating links between the Cyprus economy and the wider European market and put great emphasis on the exploitation of the potentials created by the accession of Cyprus in the European Union.

Today TALOS, is considered among the biggest consultancy firm in Cyprus in its areas of expertise, offering a variety of services to the Public, as well as the Private sector of Cyprus. It is also increasingly activated in international schemes, through a well established network of partners abroad.


P.O BOX 21722 1512
Τel: +357 22454333
Fax: +357 22660009

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